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3 Causes of Tire Explosions

While less common than other auto defects, tire explosions do occur and are incredibly dangerous. Debris from tire explosions has been reported to severely injure bystanders, and if one of your tires explodes while you’re driving, you are likely to completely lose control of your vehicle.

Tips for Keeping Your Tires Safe

In order to do everything you can to keep your tires safe and functional, the Racine personal injury lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. suggest that you avoid:

#1: Too much pressure. Heat can cause pressure to build up inside your tires. After enough pressure builds up, a tire could explode violently, severely injuring or killing motorists or bystanders. Making sure you get regular tire maintenance is important in keeping your tires safe for regular use.

#2: Flammable sealants. Some tire sealants contain flammable chemicals such as propane and butane. If these gases are present in your tires, a small spark could ignite a seemingly disproportionately large explosion. If someone else is working on your tires, make sure to warn them if you have used any potentially explosive chemicals.

#3: Bad design. Tires built with inferior materials are more likely to blow out and cause accidents. The tread on tires with manufacturing defects can separate and cause the vehicle to roll over.

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