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Accidents That Occur When Your Car Is Parked

While most accidents occur when cars are moving, there are some that take place even when you believe your car is safely parked. Generally, these accidents occur because other drivers are being inattentive or are driving recklessly. Whether you are inside the vehicle when it is hit or not, your car can sustain heavy damage if it is hit by another driver. And, if you do happen to be in the vehicle, then you could also be facing serious injuries. Both vehicle damage and physical injury can result in huge financial costs for you, but you might not have to pay for these costs all on your own.

Where These Accidents Occur

Parked car accidents are more a matter of situation, rather than a matter of location. Under certain circumstances, these types of accidents are more likely to occur. For instance, the following situations are inherently more likely to lead to car accidents involving parked vehicles:

  • Rush hour traffic
  • Parking lot congestion
  • School zone congestion
  • Areas of narrow streets (such as residential areas), where cars park on the roadways

While an accident involving a parked car can occur in multiple other situations, these tend to be the ones that lead to such accidents more often.

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