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Agnosia and Recognizing People

There are cases in which the effects of certain brain injuries extend beyond treatment programs or the momentary loss of information. There are certain types of brain damage that can directly affect a person’s relationship with their family and friends. Known as agnosia, the loss of memory or knowledge because of a brain injury can remove a person’s mental capability of remembering their relatives or close friends.

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Kinds of Agnosia

There are many types of agnosia, as the term is a wide name for something that manifests itself differently depending on the location and severity of the injury. However, certain versions of agnosia can seriously endanger a person’s ability to create and maintain relationships with other people, as they affect that person’s capacity to recognize major identifiers. In particular, this can include:

  • facial blindness, or being incapable of remembering or distinguishing a face
  • the inability to remember a person’s voice
  • the inability to read facial gestures or body language
  • the inability to comprehend changes in tone

For some individuals, the lack of a memory of one’s face or a voice can be a significant blow to remembering a certain person’s identity on a daily basis without prompting. Similarly, a person may see relationships deteriorate without the ability to read signals that are communicated through body language.

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