Airbag Defects

Cars are complex machines that are driven at fast speeds. When cars get into accidents, the people inside can get seriously injured. That is why people have come to expect certain safety features in cars, like airbags. Legally, airbags are supposed to work when they are needed, most commonly during car crashes.

Airbags are located in certain key locations within a car. They are located within the steering wheel so that in a car crash the driver’s head will slam into the steering wheel. Airbags are located within the dashboard so that the front passenger’s head will not hit the dashboard or the door. Airbags are located in the door themselves so that if a car is hit from the side, the people in the car will not break their ribcages. In effect, airbags are strategically placed within a car.

There are a number of ways that airbags can not work properly. For example, they may just not deploy when they are supposed to, or they may deploy at the wrong time. If an airbag deploys when it is not supposed to, it can distract the driver and even prevent the driver from driving by covering the driver’s face. When airbags do not work how they are supposed to, the effects can be deadly. People can suffer severe brain injury, including concussions, comas, and even death. They can break bones and even disfigure faces. They can even lead to car accidents themselves.

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