Airplane Safety

There are several emergency situations that can occur on an aircraft that may require an early evacuation from the plane. In some circumstances, problems are discovered on the runway and are deemed too dangerous for passengers to remain on the aircraft. On other occasions, the airplane may be forced to land in an unexpected emergency stop. In either case, there are safety procedures that must be followed to help prevent further catastrophe and injury.

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Airplane Safety Measures

Unlike a cargo plane or military aircraft, passenger planes have far too many people on-board for any sort of emergency evacuation while still in the air. Instead, these aircraft should be equipped with the proper safety devices and be staffed with well-trained crew members.

The following safety measures can help reduce the risk of injury in case of an airplane emergency:

  • Ready and able crew members
  • Deployable floatation devices
  • Advanced fire containment systems
  • Computerized warnings of system failures
  • Deployable chutes for the quick evacuation of passengers

In case of an emergency, it is also important that airports do their best to minimize any time between the initial signs of distress and the moment when the last passenger is off of the plane. This means clear communication between air traffic control and the pilots, as well as rerouting any other aircraft on the runways.

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