Anti-Lock Brakes

As cars become more advanced, the amount of technology present in even your typical family sedan can be hard to keep track of and understand. One of the most important technologies to be aware of however is your car’s anti-lock braking system, or ABS. The ABS has become increasingly refined and intelligent over the years and has grown to become one of the most integral active safety systems in modern vehicles. With the help of our legal team at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C., people in Milwaukee can rest assured that they have all the information they need should they ever get into an accident because of a vehicle’s ABS.

Four Components of ABS

By understanding the various components of a car’s ABS, any problems you may experience with the system in your car can be more easily understood. The four critical components of an ABS are.

  • Speed sensors – used to determine the acceleration or deceleration of a wheel
  • Valves – found in the brake lines of each brake controlled by ABS; most problems associated with valves are due to clogged valves that prevent proper pressure from being applied to the brakes
  • Pump – restores lost pressure to the hydraulic brakes after the valves have finished a cycle and released the brakes
  • Controller – the car’s ECU that is responsible for synthesizing the information received from each wheel’s speed sensor in order to modulate brake force and activate ABS

Should any of these components malfunction, it could cause a devastating accident that not only injures the driver and his or her passengers, but also other motorists on the road.

Discuss an Accident Caused by Defective Anti-lock Brakes with a Lawyer in Racine

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