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Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic poisoning inhibits the functioning of several metabolic enzymes including pyruvate and alpha-ketaglutarate dehyrogenase. By preventing the proper performance, toxic substances accumulate in the body. This build-up causes organ failure, especially to sensitive neurological body parts like the brain. Eventually, death occurs when the damage is too great for the body to handle.

Symptoms of arsenic poisoning include violent stomach pains, retching, excess saliva production, vomiting, excessive thirst, hoarseness and difficulty with speech, red and sparkling eyes, delirium, and death. If poisoning is suspected, it is extremely important to seek medical attention. Testing the hair follicles for the presence of arsenic is a common method, as the poison will remain in the hair for years. To treat this type of poisoning, chelating agents such as Dimercaprol and Succimer can be used to remove the substance by breaking the bonds to blood proteins.

In the modern world, the most common source of arsenic poisoning comes from drinking infected groundwater. Effects from this sort of chronic exposure to the chemical include skin color changes, the formation of hard patches on the skin, skin cancer, lung cancer, and gangrene. Arsenic poisoning is known to be a particular problem in third world countries, where groundwater is frequently contaminated by fluvial deposits containing arseno-pyrites. However, third world countries aren’t the only places facing contamination, as wells in New Hampshire have been sources of dangerously high levels of arsenic.

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