Bad Air Bags

Cars come with certain features that are meant to keep the people in the cars safe. One obvious well-known feature is the seatbelt. Another notable feature is the air bag. When a car collides with another car or is hit by another car, the car’s airbags, strategically located throughout the automobile to minimize physical damage, should open up so that an individual does not have a violent impact with anything in the car.

While air bags are a seemingly great idea, they do not always function how they are supposed to, and they may cause more damage and harm than they prevent. Air bags can malfunction in several ways. One way that they may malfunction is by not ejecting when they are supposed to. Delayed deployment of airbags allows a person’s body to be thrown against the steering wheel, leading to injuries to the torso or face.

Another way that air bags may malfunction is by ejecting when they are not supposed to. If an air bag ejects when nothing happens, it may distract the driver or even blind him if it ejects into his face. Consequently, the driver may then cause an accident.

Finally, air bags can malfunction by directly causing harm to people in the car. Air bags eject with great force. Consequently, they can cause bruises, break bones, and even concussions.

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