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Bathtub Accidents

Bath time can be fun and relaxing for kids and adults alike. Many children spend bath time splashing and playing with dozens of bath toys, while adults relish the peace and quiet that an escape to the bath allows. While a bath can be a great way to unwind, it is important to take care when using bathtubs and to be just as cautious as you would be around any other body of water. When parents or caretakers are careless, serious injury can result.

A recent Ohio research study reports that 43,000 American children sustain injuries from slips and falls in the bathtub each year. Parents should take care to watch children and help them enter and exit the bathtub to prevent injury. Disabled adults and the elderly should use hand rails for support when getting into or out of the tub, or a caretaker should assist them. Hot water burns from the bathtub water being too hot are another common source of bathtub injury. When preparing a bath, always check the temperature of the water and err on the side of having water that is too cool rather than too hot.

Children and adults who require assistance should be supervised while using a bathtub to reduce the risk of injury or drowning. Sadly, thousands of children and adults are injured or drown each year in the bathtub because proper precautions are not taken. Too many people take bathtub safety for granted and do not consider the risks of hot water, electrocution, or slippery surfaces.

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