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Brake Light Failure

Brake lights are one of the primary ways that drivers can communicate with one another on the road. Brake lights alert other cars that traffic is slowing down or stopping, allowing drivers to adjust their speed accordingly. They can also serve to alert other drivers further back that a traffic light around a bend is red. When a car needs to suddenly stop to avoid an accident, make a sudden turn, or avoid an obstruction in the road, brake lights give other drivers the cue to swiftly brake as well.

When brake lights are defective or burnt out, a serious accident may result. It can be difficult to judge the speed and acceleration or deceleration of cars ahead, so we rely on brake lights as visual cues. Vehicles with failed brake lights are not able to adequately warn other drivers of a change in speed, so other drivers may not be able to react in time, causing a rear end collision. Because of these safety risks, it is illegal to drive with burned out brake lights.

Sometimes drivers are negligent and drive even though they know that their brake lights are not working. In other cases, a driver’s brake lights may burn out while in transit because they are defective or were not installed properly. If this has happened to you, an automobile mechanic or bulb manufacturer may be responsible for your failed brake lights and may be liable for any accident that results. A personal injury lawyer can help you hold a liable party legally accountable in a court of law and will fight to get you compensation for your injuries and damages.

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