Burn Injuries

As some of the most common injuries suffered from a variety of accidents, burns are extremely dangerous. The damage burns can do to bodily tissue can range from painful and superficial to devastating and irreparable. As burns become more severe and the suffering becomes more intense, a person may eventually damage their nerves. This means that while these burns are not necessarily painful, they are prone to extreme complications.

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Measuring Burn Injuries

Modern medicine widely uses a scale that features six different levels of tissue damage a person can suffer when being burnt. Although more widely recognized scales only feature three types of burns, a six-degree scale allows physicians to more accurately describe the type of treatment needed to repair any salvageable tissue. The following are the major indicators of each level:

  • First-degree burns involve little pain and little tissue damage
  • Second-degree burns involve significant pain, but are likely to heal
  • Third-degree burns involve no pain, but char and destroy the skin
  • Fourth-degree burns destroy tissue down to muscle
  • Fifth-degree burns destroy muscle, potentially becoming fatal
  • Sixth-degree burns are usually fatal and destroy tissue to the bone

As burn wounds become more intense, the probability of permanent scarring or permanent disability increases. People who suffer burns at or beyond the fourth degree may begin to lose basic motor functions due to the loss of nerves and muscle tissue. Fifth- and sixth-degree burns may require amputation as a treatment method.

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