Some General Information about Burn Injuries and Burn Deaths

Burns, burn injuries and burn death are a significant risk for children as old as young teenagers (and sometimes even older). Children do not always comprehend, at least fully, the dangers of fire and heat. They may not understand that touching a hot stove will severely burn them, for example. Older children may not realize that setting off fire works can burn them severely.

Some statistics on burn injuries and deaths help illustrate the seriousness of the children coming into contact with fire and heat. In 2001, 532 children under the age of 14 died because of getting burned, while in 2002, 92,500 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms for burn-related injuries. Of those 92,500, 4,200 were caused by fireworks accidents. Additionally, almost 100% of scald burn deaths happen to children ages 4 and younger.

These dangerous and deadly burn injuries occur in various ways. Most children get burned because they spill hot foods of liquids on themselves. Especially young children may touch a hot stove or cooking vessel, or they may stick their hand under a faucet releasing scalding water. Children can experience thermal burns as well. For children ages 14 and younger, this includes coming into contact with things like irons, hair curlers or hair straighteners, and gasoline. Many children also get burned while playing with wall power outlets, extension cords, and electrical cords.

Contact a Racine Burn Death and Burn Injury Attorney

Aside from becoming a medical concern, burned children can become a legal concern. People can be sued for neglecting to properly care for and supervise the children. For more information on burn-related deaths and injuries, contact the Racine burn injury and burn death lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® by calling 1-800-282-2874.