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Cell Phones and Driving: A Bad Combination

There are currently over 226 million people in the United States who subscribe to some kind of wireless communication device, most commonly cell phones. While these devices have increased convenience and safety in many ways, they also come with certain risks. One danger that has been receiving media attention recently is the number of people who drive while using cell phones.

Proven Risks

The dangers of this practice have been clearly shown in many different studies:

  • In 2006, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society published a paper that shows driving while using a cell phone is about as dangerous as driving drunk.
  • Another 2006 study conducted by Virginia Tech and the NHTSA found that 80% of car crashes involved driver distraction within 3 seconds of the event. The top two causes of driver distraction were drowsiness and cell phone use.

Driving while dialing, texting, or talking on a cell phone is risky in two ways. First, drivers must take their eyes off the road, even if it is only for a few moments. Second, drivers often get so distracted by conversations that they do not pay attention to other cars or pedestrians around them.

Continued Negligence

Despite these studies, driving while talking or text messaging on a phone has continued to be a very widespread practice. In an anonymous survey of drivers conducted in 2007 by the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, a shocking 73% of respondents admitted to driving while talking on cell phones.

Several states have responded to this risk by passing laws against cell phone use while driving. The state of Wisconsin does not currently have any such laws. However, a person who causes a car accident by using a cell phone while driving can be held responsible for any injuries or property damage caused.

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