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Customizing a Car

There is little doubt that America has built up the reputation of its car culture throughout the years. As American households often use vehicles on a single-person basis, it is hard to deny that Americans have a fairly personal relationship with their favorite mode of transportation. Therefore, it should not be a great surprise that customization and modification are so popular among American car owners. Whether adding more power, tighter turning, or changing up the vehicle’s look, mods and after-market parts have become popular among many motorists.

Installing a new part does not give someone the right to speed or drive poorly in order to test their vehicle’s performance. Contact the Racine car accident lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at 800-242-2874 if a reckless driver has caused you harm.

But Are They Legal?

It is not very rare to hear about a car owner installing his or her own custom parts. While some amateur mechanics may be proficient in their craft, the lack of training or professional accountability makes it dangerous for less experienced enthusiasts to take these cars to the road to try out their new abilities.

The following are some popular car mods:

  • Brake upgrades
  • Engine upgrades
  • Spoilers
  • Paint changes
  • Under-body lights
  • Headlamp upgrades
  • Nitrous-oxide systems

Auto enthusiasts must pay attention to their local laws regarding certain car specifications and emissions standards. While these parts can often be legally purchased, that may not equate to legality in a local jurisdiction. Although an upgrade may seem sensible to some, this does not mean that it abides by local automotive standards. Furthermore, a car modder may be liable for any injuries that occur as a result of his or her negligence.

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