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Dangerous Cosmetics

The ingredients of food products and medications are strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Companies producing food and drug products are subject to inspections and forced recalls. Cosmetics, however, have very little regulation in comparison. Given that food contamination still occurs despite the rules in place, the number of chances for dangerous substances to enter cosmetics is much greater.

A primary reason why cosmetics are not as heavily regulated in the United States is simply that they are not directly ingested like food and medications. Nonetheless, cosmetics often stay in contact with a person’s body for all their waking hours. Many people use several different cosmetics daily. Since the vast majority of cosmetics are applied to the face and hands, users of cosmetics are at risk of accidentally consuming small quantities of cosmetics.

Cosmetics are composed of complex and elaborate combinations of chemicals and other substances. There are few rules governing what kinds of chemicals are permissible in cosmetics. Ingredients can be drawn from myriad sources, and the exact formulations of cosmetic products can change significantly from season to season or even from batch to batch.

Although there are a few laws in place that can punish cosmetics companies after the fact for releasing dangerous products, there is almost nothing to prevent dangerous cosmetics from hitting store shelves in the first place. Under the current system, almost the entire burden for ensuring the safety of cosmetic products lies with the companies themselves. This gives cosmetics companies a great deal of leniency and immunity and puts consumers at risk.

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