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The Dangers of Multi-tasking on the Road

In today’s society, there is often a lot of rushing that goes on. Time always seems scarce. People have so many things to do, so many place to go, so many people to meet that there is hardly enough time to do only one thing at a time, especially slowly. That is why people often turn to multi-tasking. When people do more than one thing at once, however, the quality of those activities suffers.

This especially applies to driving. In the mornings, for example, as they rush to work, many people eat their breakfast. Some men shave and some women put on make-up to save time. Throughout the day, people can be seen talking on their cell phones, eating, grooming, and even reading while they drive.

Doing something else while driving, however, is very dangerous: the quality of driving falls dramatically. For example, if people do something else while driving, they will likely keep only one hand on the steering wheel. Consequently, their car may drift, and they may not realize it quickly enough to respond in time. Another danger is that when multi-tasking, people may not be aware of other vehicles around them. They may change lanes without checking their blind spots because they are talking on the phone, for example, and may hit another vehicle. Something else that may happen is that while they are doing their other activity, they may not see the signal light turn yellow. As a result, they may run a red light and get into an accident.

Ultimately, when people multi-task and drive, they are acting negligently.

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