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Dealing with Nursing Home Abuse

The elderly are especially vulnerable to mistreatment. While there are many nursing homes that provide great care, this is not always the case. If you suspect nursing abuse may be taking place, there are certain steps which can be taken.

Investigating the Problem

Talk to the aides, nurses, social workers, administrators, and doctors at the facility about any concerns you have. If they are not able to offer satisfactory explanations, consult your state’s survey agency. Each state has a division located within the Department of Health which investigates complaints. The division is responsible for overseeing nursing homes and making sure regulations are followed.

Issuing a Complaint

If you believe a nursing home resident is a victim of neglect or abuse, a complaint should be issued with the state Licensing and Certification division. By law, the nursing home is required to provide information directing you to their licensing division. Your complaint will be investigated and if there is adequate evidence, the agency has the power to issue disciplinary action. Citations, fines, and other means of corrective action may be sought.

Private Legal Action

Another option available is to file a case in court. A personal injury lawyer will be able to consult with you about your case and guide you in the right direction. However, there is a limited time period in which court action can take place. Therefore, it is important to protect your rights today.

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