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Diving Board Injuries

Diving boards attract thrill seekers of all ages. It can be exhilarating to spring off of the board and gain enough height to execute a perfect dive or impressive flip. During the summer, swimming pools and diving boards become crowded by many who are not trained in diving safety and technique. The result is that, every year, thousands of people sustain diving injuries and must seek treatment at the emergency room.

Each year approximately 6,500 children receive treatment for diving related injuries. The age group most at risk is children ages 10 to 14, particularly young boys. This age group is less likely to be trained for proper diving technique than teenagers and adults. They may try to run off the edge of the board, slip and fall, or hit their head or other body part on the board or side of the pool.

Many home pools that have a diving board are not deep enough to meet diving recommendations. Most home pools are at most eight feet deep, but the American Red Cross recommends that diving areas be at least ten feet deep to be safe.

Sometimes diving injuries are caused by a defective diving board or because a pool lacks proper supervision by qualified adults. In other cases, poorly informed home owners install diving boards in pools that are much too shallow, increasing the risk of head trauma from hitting the bottom of the pool. If you or someone you love has been injured while diving, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately. A personal injury attorney can review the details of the accident and determine who may be liable for injury compensation

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