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Domestic Animal Attacks

All animals are capable of attacking. When we hear about animal attacks we usually think of dog bites, which are the most common type of domestic animal attacks. This is largely due to the popularity of dogs as pets and the fact that many dogs are big and powerful enough to cause serious injury. However, there are numerous other domesticated animals that we keep as pets that are capable of attacking.

After dogs, cats are easily the next most popular pets in American homes. Cats can attack just like any dog, but the injuries that result from cat attacks are much less likely to be fatal. However, cats can cause very painful and potentially serious injury. Around 80% of all cat bites result in infection. This is due to the highly-infectious saliva that enters the wound during a bite. Scratches from the long, sharp claws of a cat can also cause a great deal of pain for an attack victim.

Domesticated exotic animals can also inflict pain on an unsuspecting victim. Common exotic animals include birds and snakes. Many of the exotic birds that are kept as pets have very sharp beaks with strong clinching reflexes. A bite from one of these birds will pierce the skin and cause tremendous pain. Snakes can also bite causing deep, painful puncture wounds. Most don’t keep poisonous snakes as pets unless their venom has been removed, but the potential for a snake’s venom being poisonous is still a risk for serious injury.

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