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Don’t Read and Drive

There are many bad decisions that people can make. Some decisions are obviously poor decisions, while others are not so obviously bad choices. One obviously bad decision that people can make is to read while driving.

This may seem like a very obvious thing not to do, but some people nonetheless choose to read something while driving. In the morning, for example, people may read a newspaper while stuck in traffic on their way to work. Or, on a long journey on an empty road a driver may grab a book and read it.

Reasons not to read while driving are obvious. The driver’s full attention is not on the road but is divided between the road and the thing they are reading. As a result, the driver cannot respond as effectively as possible to changing road conditions. Another car may appear out of nowhere, or an animal may cross the road, or a green light may suddenly turn red.

Reading while driving is irresponsible behavior. Drivers who read while driving put not only themselves and anyone in their car at risk, but they also put everyone else on the road, including pedestrians, at risk. They can cause injuries, deaths, property damage, and general chaos if their act of reading while driving ends in something bad.

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