E. coli

E. coli stands for Escherichia coli. It is a group of bacteria that resides in animals’ intestines and can infect people’s food. Although most strands of E. coli are not dangerous, some can get people very sick.

Because E. coli resides in animal intestines and feces passes through the intestines, feces contains E. coli. Food gets infected with E. coli when the feces of animals such as rats come into contact with the food. Importantly, not only food can be infected with E. coli. Even raw milk can have E. coli because it comes straight from a cow’s intestines. Moreover, water can have E. coli as well because some animals may release feces into sources of water or may contaminate water pipes.

The symptoms of E. coli vary somewhat form one individual to another. Generally, they include diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting, and possibly slight fever. Although most of the time symptoms go away, E. coli infections can also be fatal.

Ultimately, people should avoid becoming infected with the E. coli bacteria. Food providers have a responsibility to ensure that the food they offer is not infected. Restaurants have to ensure that the food they serve is clean and is cooked thoroughly so as to kill any bacteria. Factories that produce food need to be clean and free of rodents. Food providers who offer food that is contaminated can be held liable for damages that result if people eat their food and become sick.

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