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Electrocution Accidents

Electricity is a powerful form of energy that makes modern life possible. Because electricity is so ubiquitous today, we sometimes take its power and associated risks for granted. People who work with electricity, operate electric equipment, or otherwise interact with electricity can easily be injured through electrocution. An electrocution accident can leave a victim with severe burns, neurological damage, and lasting scars.

Electrocution accidents can happen in a variety of settings. Sometimes people accidentally touch an exposed wire or fallen power line, which delivers a powerful shock. The victims may be power line technicians or just passersby. Electric shock can also happen in the home when a piece of electrical equipment malfunctions or its wires are damaged or exposed. An accident may also occur if too many electrical cords are plugged into the same outlet and overload the circuit. Any of these incidents can lead to severe electrocution.

If you have been involved in an electrocution accident, someone may be liable for your injuries. A fallen power line or exposed wire could fall under city liability, while a manufacturer or designer may be responsible for a malfunctioning electrical product. Likewise, anyone who rents out damaged electrical equipment that results in electric shock could be held legally accountable for your injuries. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, therapy, lost wages from time off of work, and pain and suffering.

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