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Epidural Hematomas

When a person is struck in the head, the result can be as simple as a slight bump or as devastating as internal hemorrhaging. Perhaps one of the most dangerous outcomes of head trauma is an epidural hematoma. This condition occurs when blood empties in between the skull and brain, specifically between the skull and a layer of tissue known as the dura mater. Considering that the dura mater is also a layer of tissue present around the spine, this injury may occur when the spine is damaged as well.

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Consequences of Hematomas

An epidural hematoma can be difficult to recognize and even more challenging to treat in time to reduce major brain injuries or prevent death. These injuries generally occur in instances of trauma that are located on the side of the head, which may include sports injuries or car accidents. The following are some of the health concerns that may be linked to epidural hematomas:

  • Headache
  • Blood loss
  • Coma
  • Additional pressure on the brain

These injuries are often set apart from similar injuries by what is known as a lucid interval. If a person goes unconscious from a head wound, that individual may awaken shortly afterward, and may even seem to have recovered from the injury. However, this wave of consciousness does not mean that the blood loss has ceased, and, unless treated quickly, the person could die from the injuries.

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