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Failed Car Brakes

Cars are complicated machines, consisting of thousands of parts that come together to work in harmony to meet people’s needs. The fact that there are so many cars and so few car failures is fairly amazing. But car failures do occur, and they can happen to you.

One of the most important parts of a car that can stop working is the brakes. The brakes are crucial to the functioning of the car, to the safety of everyone in the car, and to everyone else on the road. If the brakes in a car fail, damage and deaths can occur. Without working brakes, someone traveling at high speeds would have to veer of the road to avoid hitting any other cars. In the process, pedestrians could be hit, or the car could hit something and kill some or all of the people inside the car.

Brakes are important not just at high speeds but at any speed. Even someone traveling at relatively slow speeds needs brakes to stop at a light, to respond to changing driving and road conditions, and to pull over when necessary. At any speed, failed car breaks can lead to injuries, deaths, and property damage. That is why it is crucial that a car’s brakes are in tip-top condition.

Liability for brakes that fail can fall upon one or more of several parties. The owner of the car may be liable for not maintaining the brakes and changing the brake pads. Or, the manufacturer of the car may be liable for providing a faulty product. On the other hand, mechanics who do not do a good job of fixing the car can be liable for the failed car brakes.

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