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Faulty Car Seats Fail Child Safety

Parents and caregivers put children in car seats to protect them. Unfortunately, a faulty or poor design can lead to the malfunction of a car seat causing serious harm and injury to a child. Child safety seats that do not adhere to government standards in design and performance are breaking the law.

Negligence in Manufacturing

Negligence during the design and manufacturing of car safety seats can lead to further injury and even death to children involved in automobile collisions. What is considered manufacturing negligence in a car seat injury case includes:

  • Creating a flaw in the child safety seat
  • Failure to discover a flaw in the child safety seat
  • Failure to discover that a child safety seat could be dangerous
  • Not warning of a risk or hazard associated with the car seat


The initial purpose of car safety seats is to restrain small children in the event that the vehicle gets into an accident. Car seats are built to surround the small body of a child better than a vehicle’s standard seatbelt could. Faulty car seats can actually cause a child to thrown or shaken severely during an accident. Being exposed to such violent motion could lead to:

  • Permanent backaches
  • Back sprains
  • Brain injuries
  • The victim left immobilized
  • Death

If your child has suffered injury or death during an accident because of a faulty car seat, you may be entitled to recover damages for your losses.

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