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Garage Door Accidents

Garage doors are heavy, powerful pieces of machinery that can easily damage property or injure a person if he or she becomes trapped underneath. Most garage doors today are electrically operated, and since 1993 all garage doors are required by law to have a detector that senses if the door comes in contact with an object and reverses its motion. Sometimes however, these mechanisms fail or essential parts of the door are defective, which can result in a serious accident.

Garage doors may fail to properly function for a number of reasons. The door operates on large springs, which hold the weight of the 300- to-400 pound door when it is opening and closing. If one of these springs is defective, it may snap and cause the door to fall suddenly, damaging anything and anyone below. Also, each side of the door is guided by a series of casters. If one of these casters is loose or derails from the guiding track, the door may become unstable and fail to close or fall off of its supports completely.

Defective garage doors can be deadly. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your door, call a repairman immediately and do not attempt to operate the door until it is fixed. Warning your children about the safety risks of garage doors can help to minimize their risk of being severely injured by a malfunctioning door. Never stand or leave equipment underneath the door for extended periods of time. Do not let anyone run under a garage door when it is opening or closing, as doors are most likely to break while in motion.

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