Hazing is illegal, and those convicted face serious consequences. Although the Greek fraternity and sorority systems tend to receive the most publicity regarding hazing, it is a problem throughout many organizations. Cases have been documented across athletic teams, the military, professional schools, marching bands, and religious cults. Additionally, hazing in high schools is growing.

Hazing is considered victimization in that power and control is held over others. The act is pre-meditated and abusive. In some cases, hazing can result in fatalities. Even if there is no malicious intent, any activity that compromises safety can be potential hazardous. If the victim agrees to participate, in many states it is still considered hazing. The court does not allow consent as a defense because peer pressure is often involved.

If an event involves only new members and risks their emotional or physical health, there is a good possibility it can be considered hazing. Be especially wary of events not disclosed to the public.

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If you or a loved one has been hazed, the party responsible may be prosecuted under Wisconsin law. In addition, you may be awarded monetary compensation by the courts. However, in order for a case to be tried, it must be presented within a certain period of time after the event has occurred.

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