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Ice Skating Safety

Ice skating is one of our nation’s most popular winter pastimes. It is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages, but it also comes with certain dangers. If you plan on spending any time of the ice this winter, please keep the following tips in mind. The Racine personal injury lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® care deeply about the safety of all of our clients.

  • Be cautious of thin ice. If you plan on skating on a frozen lake or any other naturally formed ice, there will be the risk that the ice is too thin to support human weight. A minimum of 4 inches of solid ice is required to support the average adult. Check with the people in charge of a park or lake about ice thickness before skating.
  • Use quality ice skates. They should fit comfortably but tightly around your feet. Always use skates that provide good ankle support.
  • If you fall, move off of the ice as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will pose a risk to both yourself and other skaters. If someone is injured too badly to move, cover them with a jacket and keep watch while someone goes for help.
  • Keep moving while on the ice. Standing still to chat with friends makes you an obstacle to other skaters. This is dangerous to you and to them.
  • If you are skating with children, make sure they know to never touch the blades on a pair of ice skates. Anyone who falls on the ice should keep their fingers curled in to protect them.

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