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Inadequate Supervision at Schools

School faculty and administrators have responsibilities to adequately supervise children while they are at school. Unfortunately, sometimes adequate supervision is not actually provided, allowing children to become injured, either in an accident or by other children. Injuries at school due to inadequate supervision can range in their severity, but no matter the severity, can often be prevented by having an adult supervise children.

Consequences of Inadequate Supervision

Teachers, principals, and staff all assume a certain level of responsibility when it comes to supervising children. When this important duty is neglected, serious consequences might occur that involve the injury of innocent children. For instance, when proper supervision is not provided, the following may occur:

  • School-yard bullying
  • Falling accidents (especially in small children)
  • Drowning accidents
  • Broken bones
  • Head trauma or brain injury
  • Burn injuries

These accidents, injuries, and incidents can certainly occur even when a responsible adult is supervising children; however, they are much more likely to occur when children are not being watched or supervised by an adult.

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