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Racine Incorrect Prescriptions Attorney

Doctors have a responsibility to ensure that patients’ health improves. Patients visit and pay money to doctors so that doctors will diagnose the right medical problem and will prescribe the correct medication to treat the ailments. Patients depend almost entirely on doctors, since only doctors have the knowledge to treat medical ailments and better patients’ health.

Doctors do not, however, always perform their duties well. One of the most significant mistakes that doctors can make is prescribing the incorrect drugs to their patients. Doctors may prescribe the wrong drug for many reasons. They may misdiagnose the medical problem, mistaking the actual problem for something else. They may have an incentive to prescribe one drug over another, for example because one drug is provided by a pharmaceutical company that offers compensation to the doctor.

When patients get prescribed the wrong medication, many problems can occur. Patients may get very sick. The incorrect medication may exacerbate the existing medical conditions because of the nature of the medication and the nature of the ailment. The patient may suffer side effects that would not have otherwise been suffered if the correct medication had been prescribed from the start. A wrong prescription can even lead to death.

Clearly, being prescribed the incorrect medication is a danger to a patient. The costs can be very high. Doctors have a moral, legal, financial, and professional responsibility to ensure that they prescribe the right drug to a patient.

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