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Leaf Blower Injuries

High powered lawn equipment has helped to make lawn and driveway maintenance easier than ever before. Rather than spending hours raking leaves by hand, residents can clear a yard or path of leaves and other debris in a matter of minutes. While these powerful lawn tools can be useful, they can also be dangerous if used improperly or if they malfunction. When using a leaf blower, be aware of the following potential hazards and product defects that could put you at risk.

Like most gas and electric powered equipment, leaf blowers operate with significant force that could hurt the operator or passersbys. Leaves and debris blown around could hit a person nearby or get into a person’s eyes. The motors of leaf blowers frequently become very hot, heating the protective cover and possibly burning anyone who touches it while the equipment is in use. Also, like any machinery, sometimes leaf blowers malfunction and may catch fire or explode from internal damage.

Between 2006 and 2008, some leaf blowers were recalled because of a fire hazard. The defect caused hot exhaust gases to escape improperly which could catch the gas tank on fire. Anyone operating the equipment at the time of malfunction could suffer severe burns. The defect could also cause damage to surrounding property.

If you bought a leaf blower between 2006 and 2008, consider contacting your manufacturer to make sure that your model has not been recalled. You should discontinue use immediately if you notice any problems with your leaf blower. If you have already experienced injuries from a leaf blower accident, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately to initiate your claim for compensation.

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