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Medical Malpractice and Medical Ethics

Although doctors are charged with taking care of the sick and injured, some do not follow through this task with an evenhanded sense of right and wrong. The Hippocratic Oath, which remains the basic guideline for Western medicine, clearly states that physicians should do no harm. However, through surveys conducted at SUNY-Buffalo and through a group of psychiatrists, there appears a distinct minority of doctors who are a legitimate danger to their patients.

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A Surprising Lack of Ethics

While it would be assumed that doctors would uphold a standard idea of what is right and what is wrong, some fall prey to faulty instincts or procedural shortcuts. As a result, patients may suffer because of prescription errors, an inattentive surgeon, or an emotionally compromised psychiatrist. Consider the following statistics regarding ethical problems among doctors:

  • 16% of a student survey group noticed a dangerous, unethical decision by a physician while training inside a hospital
  • Around 70% incidence rate of recent alcohol use among doctors
  • 10% incidence rate of psychiatrists admitting to sexual conduct with patients

Of all of these problems, one of the most serious issues is the large scale lack of punishments or recourse from hospital administrators. Especially in cases where unethical decisions lead to further patient harm, there should be strict penalties for that physician from his or her hospital.

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