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Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is a term commonly used in conjunction with personal injury cases in the courtroom. It is a legal expression used to describe the physical and emotional stress caused from an injury, including aches, pain, temporary and permanent limitations on activity, shortening of life, and depression.

When a lawsuit is filed, it is common for the injured party to seek two types of financial compensation. The first type is very straightforward and involves reimbursement for costs incurred due to the injury such as medical bills and lost wages. The second type of reimbursement involves compensation for the pain and stress endured because of the injury which the person would not have normally suffered had they never been hurt. Money for pain and suffering is an interpretable amount and is subject to political and socioeconomic factors of the jury and judge, the power and persuasion of the lawyer representing the case, and any maximum monetary amount restrictions imposed by the state.

Not all personal injury cases make it to trial. Settlements can occur in mediation and arbitrations before the case reaches jury trial. Demands for certain amounts of money can be presented to insurance companies by lawyers for their injured clients. The demands are usually detailed, written-out summaries of a plaintiff’s medical care expenses and the facts associated with their case.

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