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Personal Injury Damages – An Overview of Compensation

When you are the victim of an accident or suffer injuries due to someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct, a personal injury lawsuit is often the only way to recover compensation for your injuries. However, before filing, it is important to consult a lawyer and determine just what kinds of compensation you are entitled to. Damages in personal injury cases usually fall into one of several categories:

Damages due to lost wages

After being injured, it is likely that you will miss work due to undergoing medical treatment or during a recovery period. You may be eligible for compensation for the income you lost because of the accident.

Damages due to medical bills

Paying for medical bills after an accident can be a strain on anyone’s budget. You should not have to pay for what someone else caused. Many personal injury suits will seek to recover the cost of paying for medical care.

Damages to property

Any damage that the accident or incident caused to your property may be recovered under your personal injury suit. An attorney can help you determine the extent of the damages and how much you can be compensated.

Damages due to injuries that will affect your future life

If your injuries from the accident caused permanent physical disability or disfigurement, you are entitled to compensation for the effect that this will have on your future life. While this is harder to determine than, say, the amount you paid in medical bills, a good attorney can ensure that you get all the compensation available to you under law.

Damages to emotional or psychological well-being

This is another category that is difficult to convert into a number. Emotional and psychological trauma are unavoidable side effects of many accidents, and you should be compensated for them. Again, speaking with an experienced attorney is the only way to make sure that you recover all the damages possible.

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