Pharmacy Error

Pharmacists are meticulous professionals. They take great care to make sure prescriptions are filled properly. However, they are human and therefore can make mistakes. These mistakes can have fatal results. It is important to take steps to protect yourself and loved ones from pharmacy errors. By following the tips below, you will help to ensure that the medication is correct.

When a doctor gives you a prescription, write down the drug’s name, dosage, and prescribing instructions before giving the prescription to a pharmacist to have it filled. Consider making a medication diary on your computer to store this information. If you have access to a copier, make a photocopy of the prescription. When you go to pick up the prescription, compare the label on the bottle to your previously recorded information.

If this is your first time to receive the medication, use an Internet search engine to see what the information imprinted on the pill should look like. Check to see that your medication matches this image. If you are refilling your prescription, compare the pills in the new bottle to the old bottle. The color, shape, and imprint should be identical. Although generic medications come in various colors and shapes, it is still possible to search for their appearance online.

Don’t just assume your medication is correct. Take time to double check the work of the pharmacist. The potential consequences are too great not to spend the time.

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