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Pharmacy Malpractice

Pharmacists have an immense responsibility to provide correct and adequate medication to their customers. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen and medications are accidentally switched or mixed up, which can lead to all sorts of unnecessary injuries. Regardless of the reason for the error, a pharmacist may be legally liable for the consequences of their actions.

Types of Pharmacy Malpractice

Pharmacy error can occur in many ways, all of which can have serious – or even fatal – consequences for unsuspecting patients. Some possible errors include:

  • Distribution of the wrong medication, dosage, or amount to the wrong patient
  • Failure to recognize what medications conflict with other medications
  • Incorrect management of dosage that causes the condition of the patient to change
  • Failure to recognize pre-existing allergies that could conflict with the medication
  • Faulty medical advice when issuing medication to a patient

Pharmacy Malpractice Statistics

The Institute of Medicine conducted a study and discovered that at least 1.5 million Americans have suffered or are still suffering harmful health consequences due to pharmacy medication errors. Their study also revealed that pharmacy mistakes in hospitals alone cost $3.5 billion in increased costs of additional treatment, pain and suffering.

Other statistics show that more than 1.3 million people are injured each year because of medication malpractice. Some estimate that pharmacy errors cost more than $29 billion per year. Also, nearly 100,000 people die each year from pharmacy malpractice mistakes. Pharmacy malpractice figures show more deaths annually than car accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS.

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With responsible conduct and a reasonable amount of care, most – if not all – pharmacy errors could be prevented. If you or a family member has sustained injuries due to mistakes made by a pharmacist, contact the Racine pharmacy malpractice lawyers Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at 800-682-3434.