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Poorly Stacked Boxes

When people go shopping, they are usually not worried about getting injured. Retail stores and grocery stores, though, do pose certain dangers to customers. There are a number of ways that people can get injured in stores. One way is through boxes that are poorly stacked.

Often times, because stores have a lot of items to stock, boxes that contain the goods are stacked so that they do not have enough support beneath them. Moreover, the boxes are then put in aisles so that the workers can stock the aisles. When boxes are put in the aisles and are stacked unsafely, customers are at risk of the boxes falling on them.

If customers get injured because of a store employee’s negligence, the store itself can be held liable for damages. Stores have a responsibility to ensure that they create a safe environment for their customers. Even if a customer is injured because of the negligence of one specific store employee, the company itself can be held liable because the employee performed the act of negligence while doing work for the company.

Depending on the seriousness of the injury that results from poorly stacked boxes, people can claim damages. Boxes can fall on someone’s back and pull muscles, or they can fall on someone’s head and cause brain damage, for example.

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