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Preventing Choking Accidents in Children

Choking takes the lives of over 2,800 Americans each year, many of those victims being children. Nearly 70 percent of fatal choking incidents in children ages 3 and younger were caused by toys and other children’s products. The most common cause of non-fatal incidents is food, such as hotdogs, nuts, and vegetable and fruit pieces.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released tips for parents of infants and children under 4 to prevent choking incidents.

When eating meals:

  • Insist that your child at the table or sitting down, encourage them to eat slowly
  • Cut up foods that are firm and can obstruct an airway (hotdogs, grapes, raw vegetables)
  • Be cautious of foods that are small and hard (hard candy, popcorn, nuts, and seeds)

When playing:

  • Follow toy age recommendations
  • Teach older children to keep toys designed from them away from infants and toddlers
  • Check places like the sofa or floor for small parts (coins, pen caps) that your child could find
  • Never let your child chew on deflated or broken latex balloons

It is a good practice as a parent or caregiver to take a CPR training course to prevent further injury should your child be a victim of a choking incident. Always contact 911 immediately if your child cannot breathe.

If your child has been injured in a choking accident involving toys or other household items, contact the Racine product liability lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at 1-800-682-3434 to discuss your case and legal options.