There are many diseases that people can become afflicted by. One such disease is rabies. Rabies is caused by a virus that affects people’s central nervous system. The most common way that people become affected by rabies is through being bitten by animals that have rabies.

There are several animals in the United States that pose the most threat of rabies to people. Bats are one such animal. Bats are widely known to have rabies. Because they come out at night, people who are outside in some areas during the night are likely to be bitten by bats that have rabies.

Another type of animal that is known to have rabies is the fox. Many people have been bitten by wild foxes carrying rabies. Foxes reside in woody and forested areas, so people walking near such areas have a greater chance of being bitten by a fox with rabies.

Importantly, when people buy pets they have to give the pets rabies shots. Rabies shots act as a protection of pets being infected by rabies and infecting humans. Additionally, although the most common way by which humans acquire rabies is by being bitten by other animals that have the virus, there have been a few cases in which people have acquired rabies through organ transplants and even sexual contact.

Fortunately, rabies is not a serious threat in the United States today. Society has developed a good understanding of rabies, its seriousness, and how to fight it.

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