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Makeup Injuries

We’ve all seen women driving down the highway, stuck in traffic, or at a red light applying makeup to their eyes and face at the same time. Many women do this in an effort to get out of the house on time to make it to work. Unfortunately, eye makeup can be a dangerous part of a woman’s beauty regimen.

Eye makeup has a tendency to lead to eye infections and irritation in contact lenses. The makeup buildup gets on and behind the contact lens, leading to a buildup of bacteria and proteins. These deposits lead to eye infections and can result in serious vision injuries if they are not treated.

Another major hazard of eye makeup is the mascara wand. While mascara does a wonderful job of making a person’s lashes long and voluminous, the wand can be a weapon. It is pointy, hard, and capable of inflicting serious harm to the eye. In fact, it is one of the leading reasons women go to the emergency room.

The mascara wand also has been known to trap bacteria and transfer it to the eye. This is why people are not supposed to share eye makeup.

The eyeliner pencil has the potential to be as dangerous as the mascara wand; however, it contributes to fewer eye injuries than the mascara wand. This could be due in part to increased care that people take while applying eye liner since it is a pencil.

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