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Safety Considerations for Guardrails

State and local municipalities are charged with the maintenance and care of most major highway systems across the United States. The course or terrain of the road and its surroundings might, in many cases, call for the use of a guardrail. In particular, guardrails have been widely employed to keep out-of-control vehicles on the road, preventing these automobiles from traveling into on-coming traffic or onto other property.

If you have been hurt because a municipal agency failed to install a guardrail or to repair one that had become damaged, a civil action may be appropriate. For more information concerning your rights as an injured motorist, contact the Racine road defect lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, at 800-242-2874 today.

Designing Safe Guardrails

When planning to install or replace an existing guardrail, a transportation authority must weigh a variety of considerations. In different locations along the roadway, various materials and designs may offer the safest barrier as possible. However, these transportation agencies do apply some of the following general requirements:

  • The barrier cannot cause the wrecked vehicle to return back into traffic
  • The barrier cannot collapse completely under the force of the crash
  • The barrier cannot cause excessive damage to the vehicle or its occupants
  • The barrier cannot cause an over-ride or under-ride accident with the vehicle

As a result, many areas turn either to light cable barriers or larger guardrails, which can sufficiently withstand a high-speed accident. This also explains why some areas, despite high traffic volume and potentially disastrous high-speed accidents, stopped using extremely tough concrete barriers.

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