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Scooter Safety and Accident Prevention

Scooters are easy to use and are a great form of transportation because of their small size and high fuel efficiency. Unlike larger vehicles, scooter drivers don’t usually have to struggle with finding a parking space in even the most crowded areas. However, their small size can also be a disadvantage on the road because some drivers, especially reckless and inattentive drivers, are not used to watching out for scooters on the street.

Preventative Steps to Avoid Accidents

Because scooters sometimes travel slower than car traffic around them, scooter drivers should be aware that some drivers may try to pass them, sometimes at unsafe distances. Always check your mirrors for cars coming up behind you and be prepared for drivers who may cut right in front of you and then stop suddenly to turn. Staying aware of your surroundings can help to ensure that you safely negotiate the roads even when inattentive or reckless drivers are present.

Scooter Safety Tips

Scooter drivers are exposed to the road more than other drivers and are therefore more likely to suffer serious injury from an accident. To reduce your risk of being involved in a crash, consider the following safety tips:

  • Always wear safety gear, including a helmet and a reflective jacket.
  • Have your scooter lights and brakes checked frequently.
  • Try to avoid riding in the blind spots of other vehicles so that other drivers are aware of your presence.
  • If you see a large dip, bump, or hole in the road, try to avoid it. Because scooters are two-wheeled and have smaller tires, they are more likely to be damaged or crash from hitting even minor road obstructions.

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