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Second Impact Syndrome

The most common head injury suffered in sports is a concussion. Athletes who engage in contact or extreme sports like boxing, football, skateboarding, and motocross are particularly at risk because of the nature of their sport. After an athlete suffers from a concussion, he or she should cease activity immediately.

However, anyone familiar with sports knows that the last thing a player wants to hear is that they are out of the game. Overeager coaches add to the pressure to play through pain, and so many athletes put themselves at great risk by not allowing for the full recovery time after a concussion. This could lead to Second Impact Syndrome.

What is Second Impact Syndrome?

Second Impact Syndrome results from successive, seemingly mild concussions that are suffered in a short period of time. For example, a football player might get a concussion in practice on Monday and again at the big game on Saturday night. On their own, these concussions are not particularly life threatening; however, no disruption of normal brain activity is safe. Because the concussions are suffered one after another, the risk of death is increased.

What are the Consequences of Second Impact Syndrome?

When a second concussion is sustained before an athlete has completely recovered from the previous one, the brain could undergo acute and fatal swelling. The swelling leads to vascular congestion and increased intracranial pressure and may result in the death of the athlete.

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