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Slip and Fall Accidents

People face many dangers everyday. They may step on glass. They may get hit by a car on their way to work. They may be hit by a car when walking on the sidewalk. They may trip down a flight of stairs. They may get electrocuted. The possibilities are almost endless.

One significant way that people can get injured is by slipping and falling. They may be running somewhere and step on a wet spot. As a result, they may lose their balance, slip, and fall. Or, they may be walking in a grocery store or in a mall. They may come upon an area that has just been mopped and is still damp. Walking on a damp, slippery, smooth surface may cause them to slip and fall.

Slips and falls can cause lead to many injuries. If people fall on their backside, they may just become sore. Slipping and falling, however, may also lead to broken bones if people fall in an awkward position, such as on their elbows. Even worse, slipping and falling can even lead to people’s heads and skulls being injured. Falling backwards after slipping, an individual can hit her head against the floor. Any hit to the head is dangerous, especially one that involves the force of slipping and falling.

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