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Snow Blower Injuries

Many homeowners find that snow blowers are very useful for clearing snow from a driveways, sidewalks, and streets during the cold winter months. However, these powerful pieces of equipment can also be a danger to users if they are defective or malfunction during use. If you have been injured in a snow blower accident, our Racine product liability lawyers can help to determine if a mechanical problem caused your accident, and if so, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit for your injury.

Risks of Using a Snow Blower

In order to remove snow from an area, a snow blower must operate with a significant amount of force. If a finger, hand, or other extremity gets too close to the machine’s blades, a serious injury could result. Some common causes of snow blower injuries include:

  • Improper instructions on how to operate the snow blower
  • Plastic tire defects
  • Machinery leaks
  • User inexperience or inattention

Determining Liability

If you have been hurt while operating a snow blower or while another person was using a snow blower, consider consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer about your injuries. The manufacturing company may be liable for a defect or malfunction that caused your injury. Likewise, if another person’s negligence caused you to be injured by a snow blower, he or she may be legally responsible for your injury-related costs.

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