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The Dangers of Headphone Use

When driving or walking, using headphones can be extremely hazardous. As the technologies of portable audio players and car stereo systems remain incongruous for most cars and trucks, drivers find themselves using headphones to listen to their music libraries instead of suffering the random play of the radio. In these situations, the attentiveness of drivers to the conditions of the road is reduced. Pedestrians who increase their headphone volume to high levels can face a similar risk while walking, leaving them to only recognize visual cues. There are numerous auditory warnings drivers and pedestrians encounter on the road, but these signals can be drowned out by headphone use.

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A Dangerous Loss of Information

In order to make safe decisions, individuals must analyze a large amount of incoming information, which appears through the five senses. As headphones can be detrimental to clear hearing, other than the person’s music, clues given from the audible world can be lost. This information can include:

  • Passing emergency workers
  • Car and truck horns
  • Pedestrian warnings, shouts, and other signals
  • Train horns and street crossing bells

Without these signals, individuals can put themselves at an increased risk of causing injury to innocent drivers and pedestrians.

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In Wisconsin, wearing headphones while driving is not illegal. However, it is highly inadvisable and can be ticketed if it appears to affect driving performance. Of course, sometimes these tickets come too late when a distracted driver has already done harm. If you have been injured because of another driver’s failure to pay attention to the road, contact the Racine personal injury lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® today at 800-242-2874 to discuss the facts of your case.