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The Dangers of Skiing

Skiing is a sport enjoyed the world over. Two poles and two skis are all people need to have a good time on the slopes. The speed, the style, the sensation all contribute to the enjoyable experience of skiing. Yet skiing can be dangerous.

One of the dangers of skiing involves a loss of control. Going down a slope, many skiers can lose control at the high speeds they may reach. When people go to fast and cannot maneuver their skis effectively, they very likely will crash into someone or something. If they hit someone, both individuals are likely to be injured by the force of the collision. Also if they hit something, like a tree, they will suffer heavy injuries because of the collision.

Another danger of skiing involves the poles and the skis more directly. The poles can go flying out of the skier’s hands, hitting and injuring another individual. Or, if a skier collides with someone else, the poles may stab either the skier or another person and cause serious injury. On the other hand, the skis themselves may hit and injury someone, as their tips are pointed.

Finally, an additional danger of skiing is that a skier may fall over and hit her or his head against something. Just like wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle is important, so is wearing a helmet when skiing important.

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