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The Dangers of Tanning Beds

In the 1990s, tanning beds exploded in popularity, attracting men and women of all ages. Tanning beds offered people the ability to get a quick, uniform tan even on cold or cloudy days so that individuals could tan year-round. Today many people still frequent tanning beds, particularly young women. Since they first became available, however, many health concerns have been raised about the safety of tanning beds.

Possible Tanning Bed Health Concerns

Since tanning beds use ultraviolet (UV) light – the same UV radiation released by the sun – many individuals have raised concerns about a possible link between tanning bed use and skin cancer. Prolonged exposure to UV light from the sun is known to be harmful, damaging the skin and eyes. However, until recently there was little direct evidence that tanning beds could actually increase an individual’s risk of cancer. In July 2009, the World Health Organization reclassified tanning beds as a top health risk because tanning bed use has now been found to unquestionably raise a person’s risk of skin cancer. According to the WHO, exposure to any UV radiation is harmful, regardless of the source.

If You Have Been Diagnosed with Skin Cancer

Studies show that instances of skin cancer have risen rapidly in women under the age of 30, which is correlated with the rise in tanning bed use by young women. If you have regularly used a tanning bed and have been diagnosed with skin cancer at a young age, the tanning bed could be the cause. Since many tanning bed establishments have claimed that tanning beds are safe and pose little or no health risk, a tanning bed company that did not give you proper warnings of health risks may be liable for your disease.

A personal injury lawyer can review your case help determine if another party can be held legally responsible for your skin cancer. Now that more definitive evidence is available that could be used to hold tanning bed companies accountable, you may be eligible for compensation for your medical bills, cancer treatments, and pain and suffering. A good personal injury attorney will aggressively fight for your interests to help get you the compensation you may deserve.

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