Tire Defects

The safe construction of tires is an important and vital duty of tire companies. People depend on their wheels to transport their vehicle from one location to another, without problems. Oftentimes, this reliance is taken for granted, as car trouble is rarely brought about the tires. However, when tire trouble strikes, possible sources of error include design or manufacturing flaws.

Since the Firestone recall of 2000, more attention has been paid to the design of tires and the possible consequences of their flaws. Design shortcomings can result in blown tires, tread loss, and breaking away from the rim. The most serious problem in tire design is the belt-leaving-belt defect. This sort of trouble happens when normal radial tires separate from the tread of the tire. The structure of the tire then collapses, causing separation from the rim as well. Additionally, this sort of defect often occurs when traveling at high speeds, making the issue even more dangerous.

The driver frequently loses control of the vehicle, resulting in car crashes and accidents. Loss of control is usually worse when the belt-leaving-belt defect occurs on a rear tire. Injuries and fatalities are common especially when sport utility vehicle tires experience this shortcoming versus compact cars or pick-up trucks.

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