Uneven Sidewalks

Any uneven surface puts passersbys at risk of a trip and fall injury. Over time, sidewalk surfaces may shift so that they are no longer flat but instead have edges of concrete exposed by half an inch or more. Even small cracks in concrete can be dangerous for people who do not notice the irregularity as they walk by. An unsuspecting individual may catch his or her toe on the exposed edge and fall, resulting in a wrist, arm, or leg injury.

Children are particularly at risk of injury on uneven sidewalks. They are often outside playing on bicycles, skates, or skateboards and may be traveling at a high speed when they hit an irregular patch of concrete. They may not have enough time to stop and could easily trip over the ledge, causing them to careen down the sidewalk or out into the street. Because of the higher speed at the time of the fall, an accident on wheels can cause severe injuries, such as a sprained or broken limb, concussion, or spinal injury.

Property owners and city departments are typically the parties liable for uneven sidewalks and other pathway dangers. In many areas, property owners are responsible for sidewalk maintenance and must repair or replace sections of sidewalk that have become uneven or separated.

In other places, such as in a park, the city may be liable for sidewalk issues. When property owners or city entities fail to address dangerous conditions on sidewalks, they may be held accountable for improper maintenance and may be ordered to pay compensation to any injured parties.

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